Optima Total Solutions Inc.

is a service-oriented incorporation to offer a wide range of business services with the notion to create a first-class integrated services structure and other business solutions within the Philippines. Our company's youthful passion promises longevity in innovative service provision. We strives to provide a comprehensive suite of business solutions to enterprises with complete facilities in marketing, administration, human resources, information technology, back office support, business management, consultancy, training, software development, and technical support.



We envisage our clients' success by developing a durable system adapted to their target market by defining excellence, and by building an unmatched loyalty to conquer Metro Manila, then neighboring provinces to the Visayas and Mindanao eventually to accommodate International clients.


To provide the kind of service that not only will ensure the retention of our customers but also attract others, we have established a dedicated team of experts working around the clock to make sure that our customers get the best output, transparency, profitability, better informed and management for all their business cycle.

Our Mission


To continuously contribute toward enhancing corporate value, care for people, and deliver results through innovation guided by a substantial need to provide a stress-free business experience to our clients by conveying business efficiency and productivity.

Our differentiation point comes with three simple principles: 

  • Diligence in finishing the Job whatever it takes.
  • True collaboration with customers and partners.
  • Complete understanding of customers'business.