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Product Management & Design

Product Research Assistant

As a product research assistant, you will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of each output aspect of the entire Internet/gaming project, analyze the target competitor or user, have the opportunity to participate in strategic decision discussions, provide support in the process of product direction determination, and assist in managing the project implementation.

We hope you have some skills in PPT, Excel, other design and analysis tools; design, operations, or product manager, senior assistant and other related positions from.


Working hours: (Mon-Fri) 08:30-17:30

Salary is negotiate

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist product manager to conduct user research and user study, including designing and executing questionnaires, user interviews, user behavior analysis, etc. to provide data support for product direction determination

2. Collect, organize and analyze user feedback and data to provide insights on user needs, behaviors and preferences, and provide recommendations for product improvement and decision making

3. Use your design background and PPT production skills to translate complex data and information into clear, easy-to-understand presentations to help the team communicate and promote product direction

4. Assist product managers and team members in organizing and recording meetings, compiling meeting minutes and action plans to ensure efficient advancement of team work

5. Actively participate in team discussions and provide your insights and opinions to support product strategy and decision making.

6. Work in English to communicate

Job Requirements

1. Experience in Internet project research, familiar with research methodology and tools, able to assist product managers in user requirements analysis and user experience evaluation

2. Excellent PPT skills, able to present complex data and information in an intuitive way to help team members better understand and communicate product direction

3. Preferably from a design background, with good design sense and creative ability, able to provide visual support and suggestions

4. Good communication skills and team player, able to work closely with product managers, designers and developers to drive project success

5. Ability to learn and solve problems quickly, adapt to different project requirements, and respond to challenges flexibly

6. be meticulous, patient, responsible, a good listener and executive, able to complete work as required and meet the needs of leadership

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in our team, please send your resume and portfolio.

Senior Operations Specialist
(Product Operations Direction)


Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

Salary range: USD4000-5500 (Experienced candidates is negotiate)

Job Description:

1.Responsible for coordinating and executing product operation strategy to ensure successful product launch and update

2.Understand industry trends and user needs

3.Work closely with design, development, marketing and customer service teams to ensure smooth product development and delivery

4.Monitor and evaluate product features, provide suggestions and optimization

5.Responsible for writing and maintaining product requirement documents

6.Assist in developing product operation strategies and marketing plans

7.Track competing products for website analysis and comparison

8.Actively participate in team meetings and provide suggestions and opinions on product improvement

9.Research and analysis of competitor activities, activity risk assessment, activity planning, activity data analysis, background operation

10.Site-wide activity planning, hall side activity docking

Job Requirements

1. full understanding of real people, slot, sports games and other related knowledge, Excel basic operation, familiar with background operations, activity planning experience, familiar with user experience

2. Plus: Intermediate English ability or above, game related operation experience, familiar with Pachinko, Pachinslots

3. Basic communication above English work

Product Manager/CPO


Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

(Salary is negotiate)

Job Responsibilities
  1. International market product design and development, based on a deep understanding of C-end demand, carry out product planning, design, iteration, and project follow-up, and be a perfect Deadline Killer.

  2. Possess a product manager mindset with immersive guidance and self-service product operation, leading the team to formulate requirements, promote progress, coordinate cross-departmental collaboration and delivery, and ensure high-quality completion of product iterations according to plan.

  3. An expert in user immersion and fission, based on insights into human nature, user behavior, and psychology, designing corresponding functional carriers and applying them to product system iterations.

  4. Familiar with game ecosystem fission strategy and promotion strategy, understand product data and user needs, constantly optimize and improve product effectiveness, and improve user conversion and stickiness.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree or above, with English language proficiency as a daily working language; more than 5 years of relevant experience in Internet products, including but not limited to mobile games, social, e-commerce, with at least 3 years of game experience.

  2. Possess product planning ability, strong logical thinking ability, can independently responsible for the full process of product project design, development follow-up, and acceptance.

  3. Experience in social gameplay, game planning/operation, and growth/retention-type product experience are preferred.

  4. Passionate, creative, following the trend, curious about new things, familiar with social gameplay fission forms, and strong user experience perception.

  5. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, and have a positive and infectious influence on team collaboration.

Product Planning Specialist  (Network Project)


Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

Salary is negotiate

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the product strategy, planning, design, and iterative execution of the product section.
  2. Communicate with departments such as development and operations, and coordinate the development and launch of versions, including process design, prototype design, requirement document writing, review, data analysis, etc., to ensure product quality and usability.
  3. Continuously optimize the product, improve user experience, and deeply explore user needs.
  4. Responsible for user needs analysis, product definition, project coordination, performance evaluation, and other aspects.

Job Requirements

  1. More than 3 years of experience in product and user experience design, with relevant work experience in software, the Internet, and other related fields.
  2. Strong logical thinking ability, proficient in abstracting and simplifying complex problems, and providing feasible solutions.
  3. Proficient in product prototype design tools, familiar with user interaction design, and have strong document collaboration and expression skills.
  4. Have good communication skills, stress resistance, open-minded thinking, and be good at learning and innovation.
  5. Strong sense of responsibility for work and a high level of execution.

Required Skills

  1. Competitor analysis, requirement analysis, and data analysis.
  2. Familiar with design software such as Sketch, Axure, and PRD document writing.
  3. Product usability testing.

When applying for the position, please also submit your portfolio (relevant attachments or links).

Motion &UI Designer  

Location:Working on-site at the office in Makati is preferred.

Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

(Salary range:USD3000-5000)

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the operational visual design and interface interaction design of the product, participate in the research and exploration of product experience optimization and new design language.
  2. Conduct in-depth research on basic functional features and visual highlights. Improve the usability of existing product functions, enhance product quality and user experience.
  3. Able to independently follow up on project design implementation. Promote project progress through communication and coordination.
  4. Able to identify problems in work and actively seek solutions to promote the implementation of improvement plans.
  5. Participate in the creative conception and design execution of the team's brand-related work.
  6. Keep up-to-date with design trends and periodically conduct design trend analysis, research, and sharing.

Job Requirements

  1. College degree or above.

    2. More than 3 years of visual design work. Having Game design experience is preferred.

    3. Can use AE, Spine, Dragon Bones pro and other animation software

    4. Proficient in using Figma , Sketch, Photoshop, Illustration, C4D and other design tools.

    5. Excellent design expression skills, be good at communication and promote effective design solutions to the ground.

    6. Horizontal knowledge of product design, interaction design, user research, etc.

    7. Have a good cooperative attitude and team spirit, be able to withstand high-intensity work pressure, and have good cross-team communication and collaboration skills.

    8. Self-motivation, attention to detail, excellent learning ability. 

When applying for the position, please also submit works (related attachments or links).


Operation Specialist


Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

Salary is negotiate

Job Responsibilities

1.Develop a growth strategy focused on iGaming/online poker field. Responsible for planning, brainstorming and executing with team members to explore potential opportunities.

2.Collaborate within iGaming/online poker, internal operation and cross-functional teams (marketing, communications, etc.) to drive strategic community growth in both creator numbers & content ecosystem.

3.Seek cross-functional opportunities for iGaming/online poker content contribution. Also utilize all internal resources to maximize vertical performance.

4.Support creator incubation for quantity and quality growth in social media vertical.

5.Track, analyze and optimize the performance of campaign including partnership/creator management, active rate, content quality, product adoption, video views and audience growth.


1.Bachelor's Degree or equivalent practical experience with strong English and communication skills (both written and verbal).

2.With 3+years experience working in the iGaming/online poker industry or related field company.

3.Having partnership management or sports/gaming campaigns backgrounds are a plus.

4.Outstanding skills of communication, presentation, data analysis, and problem-solving, enjoys communication with partners, and delivering daily support with a strong user-driven mindset.

5.Knowledgeable with Office and Adobe programs.

6.Enthusiastic, result-driven, efficient and can work under pressure.

Operating Manager/CPO 


Working hours: (Mon-Fri ),08:30-17:30

Salary is negotiate

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for building overseas game websites, business negotiations, project takeover, strategy formulation and execution, supervision, and analysis.

  2. Analyze game user behavior and provide product optimization recommendations.

  3. Coordinate and manage various internal and external resources to achieve planned objectives.

  4. Take responsibility for the game's KPI and lead the team to continuously and effectively promote goal achievement.

  5. Responsible for team cooperation, team building, motivation, and other management work, constantly inspiring team members' enthusiasm and positivity.

Job Requirements

  1. 5 years or more experience in game or iGaming project operation.
  2. Experience leading a complete project from 0 to 1 to 100 as a project manager, with extensive experience in game/iGaming platform operation.
  3. Excellent data analysis ability, able to provide analysis basis for product optimization and iteration.
  4. High market sensitivity, daring to innovate and proactive.
  5. English is used as a working communication tool. Bilingual in Chinese and English is a plus.