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Operations,IT,& Support Engineering

IT System Engineer 

Location: Makati Ayala Ave

Working Schedule: Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30

Salary Range: 4000 USD - 5500 USD 

(Experienced candidates is negotiate)

Job Description

  1. Responsible for the planning, deployment, monitoring, and overall operation and management of the company's internal application systems, including Microsoft and Linux platforms.

  2. Responsible for the maintenance and management of systems such as AD, Exchange, IM Enterprise Communication, Vmware, horizon, anti-virus, backup, monitoring, etc.

  3. Responsible for data backup and log management of various systems, establishing a disaster recovery backup system and recovery drill mechanism for important data.

  4. Responsible for IT infrastructure system security and access management.

  5. Analyze and optimize existing system architecture and server security vulnerabilities.

  6. Assist desktop engineers in daily maintenance and support work, and write system user manuals.

  7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. Additional: Microsoft MCSA, MCSE and other related certifications are preferred.

Job Requirements

1.Education background: College degree or above (Computer related major).

2.Required experience: Over 3 years of relevant technical work experience.

3.Required knowledge: Proficient in Microsoft and other application systems, Linux system.

4.Skills: AD, Exchange, IM, Vmware, horizon, etc.

5.Good communication skills in English.

6.Additional: Microsoft MCSA, MCSE and other related certifications are preferred.

IT System Security Engineer 

Location: Makati Ayala Ave

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30

(Salary Reference: USD 3000-6000)

Job Description

  1. Responsible for the security protection of servers, systems, and data layers.

  2. Responsible for system security scanning and penetration testing, timely analysis, and resolution of system security vulnerabilities.

  3. Timely response and handling of system security emergencies and subsequent security reinforcement.

  4. Track the latest vulnerability information and regularly write security incident analysis reports.

  5. Responsible for the maintenance and revision of the company's information security system and the construction of security baseline standards.

  6. Responsible for the company's information security audit work (including operating system audit, application system audit, user behavior audit) and audit report output.

  7. Provide system security consulting or training services.

  8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Job Requirements

  1. Computer-related university degree or above.

  2. Master the attack and defense technology and security configuration of systems, databases, and web servers to effectively strengthen security.

  3. Familiar with mainstream security tools, with a background in system security attack and defense being preferred.

  4. Familiar with common DDOS attack and defense techniques.

  5. Priority will be given to those with CISP certification.

  6. Possess a certain level of English reading and writing ability, with good oral communication skills being preferred.

OA Administrator 

Location: Makati-Ayala Avenue

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17:30

(Salary Range: USD 3000-5500)

Job Description

  1. Responsible for overall maintenance and operation of the company's OA system.

  2. Responsible for building the OA system processes, organizational structure adjustments, system functionality optimization, and access management.

  3. Responsible for promoting OA system features and organizing related training for the OA system.

  4. Responsible for collecting and organizing OA system requirements, coordinating internal and external development, and following up on project implementation.

  5. Ensure the security and stability of the OA system, including server hardware and software maintenance, and ensure protection against hackers, viruses, and disaster recovery.

  6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

  1. Computer or IT-related degree, with experience in operating the Fenwei OA system.

  2. Experience in OA project implementation (Fenwei, Zhiyuan, etc.) with experience in secondary development preferred.

  3. Familiar with SQL Server database operations and maintenance.

  4. Good communication skills and team spirit, strong learning ability, and proactive work attitude.

Required Skills: OA Administrator/Engineer

Kubernetes Engineer


Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30

(Salary Range: USD 3000-6000)

Job Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for Docker/Kubernetes operation and maintenance support, performance tuning, monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc.
  2. Responsible for containerizing existing applications.
  3. Responsible for DevOps construction work, improving operational efficiency.
  4. Responsible for building a monitoring system and implementing multi-dimensional elastic scaling based on it.

Job Requirements

  1. Proficient in Docker, Kubernetes architecture, and principles.
  2. 3 years or more of Docker and Kubernetes development and operation experience; familiar with Docker, Kubernetes native API and client libraries.
  3. Proficient in development with languages such as Go/Python (proficient in at least one).
  4. Familiar with container-related ecosystem projects such as Prometheus monitoring system, elk log system.
  5. Candidates with experience in microservice frameworks such as Istio/Spring Cloud are preferred.
  6. Familiar with computer basic knowledge such as Linux system, TCP/IP network protocol.

Required Skills: Helm, GitLab, Rancher, Harbor, Docker, VMware, Ansible, Salt.

DevOps Engineer

Location: Makati-Ayala Avenue

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30-17:30

(Salary Range: USD 3000-6000)

Job Description

  1. Maintain good communication with internal and external teams of the company, responsible for handling various operational issues encountered in daily website maintenance, and perform troubleshooting and resolution of various issues.

  2. Complete work assignments assigned by superiors in a timely manner and report work progress related to personal work.

  3. Participate in the company's operations planning and architecture, propose feasible suggestions, optimize operational-related processes, and improve operational work efficiency.

  4. Upgrade and release website versions according to company process specifications.

  5. Monitor the status of each domain and service of the website to ensure that the website and all services are working properly.

Job Requirements

  1. Two years or more experience in system operations, familiar with Linux system, familiar with the configuration of commonly used services in the CentOS system and network machines.

  2. Familiar with HTTP protocol, DNS, domain name resolution machine CDN-related knowledge.

  3. Have a certain understanding of nginx/tomcat/php/redis/keepalived/rsync/mysql/zabbix, and have practical deployment and operations experience.

  4. Candidates with experience in e-commerce or game operations industries are preferred.

  5. Acceptable for shift work and night shifts.

  6. Honest, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and teamwork skills.

Required skills

  1. Shell scripting

  2. Proficient in Python is preferred

Keywords: CentOS, Nginx, Tomcat, Redis, Keepalived, Rsync, MySQL, Zabbix, SaltStack, Python, Ansible, Kubernetes.

Software Development

Senior Java Engineer 

Job location: Makati Ayala Ave

Working hours: 08:30-17:30,(Mon-Fri)

Salary is negotiable

Job Responsibilities

  1. Solve technical problems in development, optimize existing technology frameworks used by the company

  2. Develop core code to improve system reusability and stability

Job Requirements

  1. Have a certain level of English reading ability; graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science

  2. Familiar with multi-threading technology, proficient in ThreadPoolExecutor and other knowledge related to thread pools

  3. Proficient in commonly used open source frameworks in the industry such as Vertx, Quarkus, Spring Boot/Cloud, and skilled in using WEB-related development technologies

  4. Master the application of databases such as Postgres, Redis, and commonly used performance diagnosis and optimization technologies

  5. Familiar with Docker container technology

  6. Familiar with Linux environment, familiar with the installation and configuration of Nginx service

#Bonus Points

  1. Familiar with mainstream middleware (Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch, etc.), understand its implementation principles, and can locate and solve problems

  2. Familiar with other programming languages, including but not limited to: go, typescript, etc.

  3. Participated in open source projects

  4. Work experience in internet and gaming companies

#javadeveloper #vertx #developer #socket #quarkus

Java Engineer

Job Location: Makati Ayala Ave

Work Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17:30

(Salary range: USD 3000-6000)

Job Description

  1. Responsible for Java back-end software design, development, and maintenance.

  2. Participate in solution design based on project and product requirements. Independently complete coding development, documentation, and examples for the responsible part.

  3. Assist in completing unit tests and integration tests to ensure software quality.

  4. Responsible for system testing, tuning, and related documentation.

  5. Analyze and debug submitted bugs and make modifications.

Job Requirements

  1. At least 3 years of experience in Java development, with a certain theoretical foundation in networks, operating systems, programming languages, algorithms, data structures, databases, and other related fields.

  2. In-depth understanding of JVM, Java design patterns, object-oriented thinking, and considerable experience in Java memory management, performance tuning, and parallel development. Proficient in Java web programming, able to write high-quality code related to multithreading, sockets, IO, etc., and familiar with Java unit testing.

  3. Proficient in the development of mainstream databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc., as well as PowerDesigner for database modeling.

  4. Familiar with the basic principles of Spring, SpringMVC/Struts, MyBatis/Hibernate, and proficient in at least one set of combinations of application development.

  5. Experience in developing distributed systems, familiar with load balancing, caching, messaging, and other related mechanisms. Proficient in Redis, Netty, Nginx, Kafka, Zookeeper, distributed MySQL, and other related technologies.

  6. Familiar with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud microservice architecture.

  7. Good coding habits, clear structure, standardized naming, strong logic.

  8. Excellent communication skills, a positive work attitude, and a good spirit of teamwork.

  9. Able to withstand strong work pressure.

  10. Strong sense of responsibility, willing to commit, and do their best to fulfill commitments.

  11. Good at analyzing problems and solving complex problems with simple solutions, making things simple.

Front-End Engineer


Working hours: (Mon to Fri), 8:30-17:30

(Salary range: USD 3000-6000)

Job Description

  1. Participate in the design, development, and implementation of the company's front-end framework.

  2. Responsible for debugging and resolving various compatibility issues to ensure a good user experience.

  3. Assist in improving product requirements and proposing feasible solutions; optimize code and improve page performance.

  4. Participate in the engineering, process, and performance optimization of the company's front-end business and continue to promote it.

  5. Conduct research on cutting-edge technologies in the industry and continuously optimize product quality, performance, and user experience.

Job Requirements

  1. Over 3 years of front-end development experience, major in computer software, and with complete front-end development project experience.

  2. Proficient in JavaScript/CSS/HTML, proficient in HTML5/CSS3/ES6/WEBSOCKET, with Vue development experience is essential, familiarity with React Native and Angular is a plus.

  3. Understanding of front-end modularization and componentization, proficient in using various debugging tools, able to independently analyze, solve and summarize problems, skilled in website performance optimization, understanding of browser working principles, and knowledge of server-side related technologies.

  4. Strong interest in new front-end technologies, understanding of interaction experience, usability, and user experience to a certain extent.

  5. Have good work habits, a sense of responsibility, and a spirit of teamwork, with strong self-learning ability.

  6. Experience with ECHARTS/D3.JS/HIGHCHARTS and NODEJS development is a plus (not required).

Android Engineer 


Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30-17:30

(Salary range: USD 2500-4000)

Job Description

  1. Work with the design team to develop and maintain company Android applications based on product requirements and project development process, with the ability to work independently.

  2. Responsible for software requirement analysis, Android software system architecture analysis, design and prototype implementation, functional module design and core code development of the software system.

  3. Write technical documentation and code instruction files related to the product, and solve technical problems in project programming.

  4. Responsible for long-term iteration optimization, maintenance, and upgrade of the application product, and optimize the performance of the product.

  5. Keep track of the latest technology trends and development dynamics in the Android and Internet industries.

Job Requirements

  1. More than three years of Android development experience, proficient in data structures and basic algorithms, with the ability to independently develop projects; with React Native (mandatory) project development experience, and understanding of the Flutter framework; experience in hybrid app development is preferred.

  2. Solid foundation in Java/Kotlin syntax and data structures, proficient in using Android SDK/NDK and related development tools.

  3. Familiar with commonly used design patterns and mobile architecture.

  4. Familiar with project development process and responsible for the development of projects that have been launched.

  5. Have good system architecture and system analysis capabilities, and strong development, debugging, and performance optimization capabilities.