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Head Of Branding/Branding Manager

Location: Makati Ayala Ave

Working hours: 08:30am-17:30pm,(Mon-Fri)

Salary is negotiate.

Job Responsibilities

1.According to the company development strategic planning, the company brand strategy planning and brand system construction

2. Fully responsible for the company's brand visual, public relations, promotion and management; establish and develop the company's brand culture, product culture

3. Accurately grasp the company's brand positioning, the company's product design style, according to market demand changes, regional characteristics and market information for brand planning

4. Coordinate the company's marketing, product and marketing teams to enhance brand recognition, reputation and loyalty, and ensure the unified communication of brand image

5. Coordinate overseas brand media and public relations, advertising, sponsorship, co-branding, public welfare, etc., responsible for overseas brand content output, gate-keeping and monitoring

6. Review annual advertising and PR plans and budgets according to the brand's annual plan, and supervise the process and effect of the launch

7. Responsible for the selection of target media and the implementation of comprehensive media cooperation

8. Complete the daily management of the company and the organization and promotion of the work of the brand department

9. Regularly and continuously output relevant analysis, suggestions and summaries to assist in the development of brand and product annual digital marketing planning in overseas markets

Job Requirements

1. At least 5 years of brand marketing related work experience, with Internet game or blockchain work experience is preferred

2. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in news communication, marketing, advertising related majors is preferred

3. English can be used as daily working language

4. Ability to independently operate the brand building, while ensuring that it can be implemented on the ground, with good brand creativity, writing skills and aesthetic quality, with overseas social media management and operation experience

5. Strong market insight, analytical ability, logical thinking and project management skills

Business Development Coordinator

Location: Makati Ayala Ave

Working hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30

Salary: Negotiate

Job Description

1.Prospecting/ sourcing new clients for affiliation, advertising and sponsorship

2.Actively communicating with prospects about upcoming products/ projects

3.Arranging meetings with potential clients (face to face when applicable)

4.Updating account interaction via CRM system

5.Occasionally represent at industry events and trade shows

6.Developing promotional sales copy and proposals

7.Preparing performance reports for clients

8.Maintain a healthy sales pipeline and report on status to management.

9.Drive revenue by meeting or exceeding revenue targets

10.Possess the technical ability to create & articulate compelling & comprehensive value proposition with focus on value added, not just price

11.Manage contract negotiations and accelerate customer adoption

12.Develop long-term strategic relationships with key accounts

13.Discuss improvements of existing offering and solutions to meet existing and future clients' demands

Job Requirements

1.5+ years of experience in Business Development and Sales (preferably in iGaming or crypto.

2.Previous exposure to the gaming industry (Online)

3.Able to work independently and in a team environment;

4.Keen to develop your industry network;

5.Deadline-oriented, workflow flexible, keen to pitch;

6.Positive can-do attitude.

7.Fluent in Chinese, English, native or highly proficient (plus if also fluent in others)

Branding Specialist


Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30

 (Salary negotiable)

Job Responsibilities

1.Assist in the planning, construction and strategic operation of the company's brand

2.Responsible for establishing a wide range of contacts with third party advertising and PR companies, including content and PR communications, etc.

3.Responsible for online campaign content planning and execution, including social media activities, online large-scale campaign

4.Responsible for collecting industry information, competitor information, analyzing market trends and hotspots, developing and optimizing brand activities

5.Responsible for writing media release and tracking the effect of the release

Job Requirements

1.More than 3 years of brand marketing related work experience, PR advertising company experience is preferred

2.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in journalism, marketing or advertising is preferred

3.Strong logic, analysis and communication skills

4.Solid writing skills, keen insight, able to quickly capture industry hotspots and carry out activity planning and content packaging

5.Basic English listening, speaking and reading skills

Japanese SEO

Location: Makati Ayala Ave - On-site/Remote

Working hours: 08:30-17:30

Salary is negotiable

Job Responsibilities

1.Responsible for the promotion of the company's website, improve the natural ranking and traffic of the website

2. familiar with the understanding of and other major foreign search engines white space principle and characteristics, familiar with PC.Mobile side ranking rules and regulations and develop optimization strategies.

3. Develop optimization strategies for the company's website. Follow up the effect of optimization and promotion. Produce analysis reports and analyze the characteristics of the industry. Promotion methods of peer websites

4.Website internal optimization ability, mastering website content optimization. Keyword optimization, internal link optimization. Code optimization. Image optimization skills

5.Select effective keywords and control the distribution and density of keywords in the page

6.Website external optimization, optimization of external links, have external link resources

7. Website directory resources, search engine optimization design and registration of the website to major free search engines and web directories

8. Be able to original part of the website manuscript in English, and be able to edit the web page according to the demand of the article

Job Requirements

1. Japanese as a working tool + Chinese or English level 4 or above

2. College degree or above, with good communication. Expression ability

3.TL has some project management and promotion ability, and those who have led a team are preferred to develop SEO strategy

4.More than two years SEO search engine related work experience, familiar with the principle and strategy of SEO, familiar with the main mode of network optimization and promotion, overseas experience, to B experience, IT or service experience SEO work experience is preferred

5. Have the ability to organize. Ability to analyze data rationally, good at analyzing website problems and giving reasonable solutions through website analysis tools

6.Have a keen sense of the Internet, good at arranging and improving website optimization and promotion according to the trend of the network

7.Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong sense of innovation and sharing, able to adapt to high pressure work