We invest in integrated benefit programs and resources to take care of our employees' physical, mental and emotional, financial and social well-being so they can thrive at home and at work, at any stage of their well-being journey.

Compensation and benefits 

In addition to monthly salary, the company provides accommodation allowance, travel allowance, team building funds, and other benefits such as annual bonuses, employee profit-sharing, performance bonuses, holiday bonuses, and holiday gift activities. 

Holiday benefits 

 Include a 5-day work week (except for departments with rotating shifts), company holidays, and annual leave.

Medical insurance

We provide our employees with comprehensive social and medical insurance, ensuring all-around protection and allowing them to work overseas with peace of mind. 

Team building activities  

We offer our employees comprehensive opportunities for physical and mental leisure activities while working overseas. The group has a diverse range of association activities, which can be organized and freely participated in every month. This allows employees to cultivate their interests and expand their social circle after work, promoting physical and mental health.

On-the-job Training

We provide abundant training resources, including a well-established internal training program and external training sessions with invited lecturers to enhance employees' skills and personal development opportunities. 

Visa Management

We assist our employees in obtaining legal work visas, ensuring that they can work overseas with peace of mind and safeguarding their rights and benefits.